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1998 KBA Rapida 104 4+L CX

28x41 Four color straight with coater 
146 million impressions 
Punch, Bender, Anilox Coater, Tower Coater 
Continuous delivery, 8’ continuous Delivery 
Grafix Spray, Eltosch IR Dryer 
Semi Auto Plate Changer, Paper Presets 
KBA Colortronic Console with Plate cylinder cocking 
Tri-services Ink Roller Chiller 


2001 Komori L440+CX


PQC Console, SAPC, AMR, Presets, PDCS Scanner, Chilled Ink Rollers with AWS Chiller, Royse R&R, Anilux Coater with Chambered Doctor Blade, Baldwin Blanket Wash, Pierry IR Dryer, ESS Powder, Doyle Sheet Cleaner, Sentinal Ink Line, Litho-Coat Coating Pump, Continuous Feed and Delivery, Komori Compressor, Plate Punch and Bender. Circa 162 mil. Impressions.


2004 Heidelberg SM52-4P3+L

CP-2000 Touch Screen Console, Alcolor Damps, Chilled Ink Rollers with Technotrans Chiller, Technotrans Water Recirculator, 35 Million Impressions




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