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2003 Heidelberg SM 5p3+L


72 million impressions



2005 Sakurai 575 SD+CX


Sakurai Console w/CIP 3 software, SAPC Plate changing, Full Presets, Plate cocking, Chrome cylinders,

 Pierry IR Dryer w/air knives, Grafix Powder spray, Auto blanket & roller wash, Tresu R & R,

Harris & Bruno Anilux coater w/coating pump, Extended delivery, feeder pre-loader, Continuous delivery, Plate punch, Circa 35 mil. imp.


2007 Komori  LS-540+CX


Series 45, PQC-S Console with PDC-S-II Scanner, Komorimatic II Delta Dampening, Full APC, KMS-IV Komori Management System with Software and CPU for Press Management, Computer Controlled Sentinel Ink Line, Full AMR, Auto Washers...


2006 Heidelberg CD102-5+L (X2)


CP 2000 console, Alcolor/Vario Damps, Preset Plus feeder & delivery, X2 extended delivery, Auto plate, Auto blanket wash, Auto roller wash, Auto cylinder wash, Drystar 3000 IR Dryer, Technotrans Combi Unit, Chilled Ink Rollers, Plate Punch, Plate Bender, Circa 64 mil. imp.



1999 Komori L528+LX


PQC Console, Komorimatic Damps, Royse R&R, Pierry I.R. Dryer, Powder Spray, Standard Coater, Semi-APC, Plate Cocking, Chrome Cylinders, Chilled Ink Rollers w/ Tri Service Chiller, Continuous Feeder and Delivery, Auto Blanket Washers (cloth style), Auto Roller Wash, Plate Punch & Bender, Spare Rollers, Preload Rail, CIRCA 64,623,000 impressions.



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