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2004 KBA Rapida 105U-6L PWVA ALV


15,000 SPH, Air Cabinet, Baldwin Blanket & Roller Wash-up Device, Chambered Doctor Blade, Combi Cooling Device, Eltosch IR , Eltosch UV Dryer, Full Automatic Plate Change, Graphometronic Register, Baldwin Ink Temperature Control, Intercom, Ionisator, Non-stop Delivery, Non-stop Feeder, Chrome Impression Cylinders Quick Action Plate Clamps, Remote Control, Tresu Coating Unit, Weko Anti-static Device, Weko AP262 Powder Spray, Hybrid machine, ACR control, Ergo Tronic with Colortronic, Logotronic basic (CIP3), 1 Eltosch UV Interdeck after 6th unit and can be changed to the position after the 1st unit only. 4 x UV Cassettes supplied – 3 x end of press,  Eltosch IR/Hot Air/UV End Dryer ,X-Rite Color System Installed 2015. Circa 83 Million Impressions


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